Battery Full Alarm – Stop phone overcharging APK


NOTICE: If you use any task killer or Ram cleaner app or Antivirus Apps then kindly add this app to ignore list or white list. Otherwise, battery alarm may not work properly

NOTICE FOR XIAOMI ,OPPO USERS: In the security settings given by Xiaomi & Oppo default, please include the app for auto start. In some phones you need to turn on auto start option in background run setting.

NOTE FOR ONEPLUS ABOVE 7.0 USERS: Please go to battery optimizations settings on android settings and uncheck battery optimization for this app to use auto start features.


People overcharge their phone and Its a wastage of Energy and Big Harm to Battery.
I made this app Free to save energy and to save your Mobile battery.
I hope you will share the App to reduce wastage of Energy worldwide.

Keep app Alive while charging. It will play Alarm at set Charging level.
App will speak when Battery charged upto set level.
Battery Alarm also gives notification at different Charging level.
Battery full Alarm provided Charging History after three times Charging.

7Daysで試してみてください。 きっと便利だと思うでしょう。
バッテリーは携帯電話の最も重要な部分です。 この便利なアプリで命を救いましょう。
and it has all the features you wish to have.

Features of Battery Charging Alarm
★ Battery Full Alarm
★ Alarm in silent mode
★ Alarm in Vibrate Mode
★ Speech about full battery
★ Battery temperature.
★ Battery Voltage
★ Battery Tlanguages
★ Battery Status Progress Bar
★ Auto lounch
★ Plug in and out sound
★ Speech languages
★ Your choice Battery Alarm tone
★ Battery Fast Charging Options.
★ Very small size Battery Alarm app.

NOTICE: If you are using any Task Killer or Ram cleaner app then please keep this app in Ignore List. Otherwise
It will affect the performance of this App. and may be it will nor work properly.

Battery Charging alarm is a small, smart, sleek and very useful elegant app that will help you follow the current battery percentage on your Android device, and even serve as a battery saver.

With this Battery Protector, anywhere every time you will know if your battery is charged enough to play a game, a movie, or to browse the Internet.

Whenever you will put your phone in charging Battery Alarm will play tone when battery will be charged fully. It will also speak about battery full status. There is no app provide this feature.

There is no other battery alarm related app with such intuitive, clean, neat and beautiful interface as Battery Charging Alarm has. The User Interface of this is as simple as possible, as well as user friendly and easy to use.
電話の設定が不適切なため、一部の携帯電話では、アプリがいつか正しく動作しない場合があります。 したがって、その場合、不適切な原因については信頼できません。

We will work constantly to improve our app, adding in the very near future new features, like useful battery information, battery alarm at any level, battery saver tips, new widgets, and many more.

Why you should use BATTERY FULL ALARM app ?
It saves the most important part of your costly mobile phone.
It save Battery Life. It keep Battery Health Better.
It is a kind of Battery Saver and Battery Health Protector app.

Also this app will help to save energy, Its good to Save Energy and Aware people to Save Energy.
I made the App Free to Save Energy. You Use it and Share it to Save Energy.

This app will work as : Battery Alarm, Battery Full Alarm, Battery Status and Save Battery App, Protect Overcharging; Battery Saver, Battery Information. Battery Notification Alert. Battery Saver.


Support for Android 8.0+.
Performance Improvements.
Alarm ON/OFF in main screen.
Other minor bug fixes.



3.63 MB
Udhyama WoodTechアプリ


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